Gushes over the kids 

Having been so caught up in the daily routine, I had forgotten to celebrate my kids for who they were, be it individually or collectively. 
Both their characters were different but they were able to harmonize and play so well together that I forgot to distinguish for who they were.

When Z was growing up, I documented every single milestone. When X was growing up, my classification of milestones simplified or the moments were missed in favour of what the older brother was up to.

As X clocked more achievements under his belt these days, the attention & compliments on Z dwindled in favour of the more serious things in his life like juggling classes and learning new things at breakneck speed.

As they spent more time together, their sense of collectivity drew more attention as compared to reiterating their unique traits and strengths. 

Whatever X could not do, he learned and mimicked from Z. Most of the times, X ended up beating the record. But by virtue of having been there done that, we seldom jumped up in gleeful discovery too.

Whatever X was good at, we got Z to learn from X. X’s strengths were tacit and he had a way of observing the surroundings to develop a full set of understanding. His maturity surpassed Z at times while Z’s experience gave him an edge. 

I hoped their brotherhood stay as strong, if not more, as they grew up. 


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