Happy day of newness 

On 22nd Sept, we traded this well-used cot/toddler bed for a new mattress for X. It was with fondness and sadness that we dismantled and kept this away. 

The bright morning also saw X playing with the camera app from the Apple Watch 2. He was pleased to be taking photos of himself from the watch.

End result 

X’s new rollerblades also arrived 

Testing out his new gear 

He looked more professional decked out in these as compared to the cute decathlon ones.

These were 5-6 times more expensive than the decathlon roller skates. Well, it was more comfortable, lighter and smoother. I was glad we made the switch after ascertaining his interest. 

Most importantly, I was so glad that he was taking the skating lessons so positively. Hoped this would extend to end of year.

Here was X enjoying his new mattress at 3 years 8 months & 1 week old!


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