End of CNY

Now that Z was in P2 and a whiz with addition and subtraction up to 4-digit sum, he had a great time counting money and adding all the dollars up.

On the other hand, I could see how X was as OCD as I could be. Whenever he opened a red packet, he would sort the notes by the denomination and ensured that all notes were facing the same way up and orientation.

Z was vastly differently. When Z was at the age, he was mixing up all denominations, let alone the orientation. Now that he was older, he sorted by denomination “piles”. 

Both boys opened their red packets in total reverse orders too. 

X worked on a stack while Z worked on a puddle. 

I was really amused by their handling styles which also spoke volumes of the different handling styles of Mr H and mine. 


Second weekend of CNY 2017

It was a lot of fun, especially since Mr H and I eased out of our flu bug!

Saturday began with soccer and a celebration for the kids after soccer. Along with a team of parents, we prepared food, drinks and snacks. It was a great party for both kids and parents. 

Chicky cheeky boys!

We were invited to my ex-colleagues’ place for lunch and had a great time catching up. We got to visit two ex-colleagues at one go because they stayed in the same development. The boys were treated to two lion dances.

Lovely lunch

And a third at our place, despite the rain

The kids actually played from 6pm to 10pm as the adults played Blackjack and Heart Attack. The kids were very amused to see us screaming and shouting. It was hilarious how we tried to play a game of yesteryears. 

We had a slow start for Sunday. Z had his piano lesson before we visited for our family friend for CNY & lunch. 

Sumptuous meal 

Kids’ steamboat 

Unfortunately, we could not stay long for lunch because Z had a soccer game. It was rare for me to bake under the sun with the boys. 

Right after the game, we had a steamboat/BBQ at our place. It was swimming, wine and a lot of food to wrap up the last bits of the weekend. 

It was wonderful to have such lovely friends and company which filled the weekend with so much laughter and fun. 

Cny Day 3 & 4 2017

Both days were largely spent with friends.

On Day 3, we chilled at home in the morning. It was great for Mr H and I because we were so stoned from flu medication. After having a home cooked lunch, we bought new soccer court shoes for Z and headed to our friend’s place.

The kids, diaper friends, got to lo hei and played till evening because we had another gathering with my JC folks.

On Day 4, Z had a soccer play date with his gang of brothers. 

Over lunch, the kids had to line up for their red packets and sweeten the mummies up with greetings. 

We hanged out at one of the friend’s place before returning to chill at our neighbour’s place for dinner.

With that, it marked the end of a long cny break. It was with much reluctance that the kids reported for school the next day!

CNY Day 2 2017

The lines blurred between whether it was a Sunday or a CNY day. Anyhow, the kids woke up to cartoon, fried rice and scooting. It took us a long while to get out as usual. 

We spent the afternoon at Mr H’s auntie’s place. It was always nice for the kids to have playmates. We swung by home for some rest and visited my cousin’s place. Both Mr H and I had barely or were actually still recovering from our illnesses, so we were really tired. 

We had a cosy hotpot dinner, watched TV, replenished angpow stash and let the kids hog the TV for FIFA. 

CNY 2017 Day 1

Given how late everyone slept the night before, it was almost ten before the boys got up. We had a very slow and lethargic breakfast before crawling out for CNY visiting. I was so stoned that I only managed to take a few photos. 

We visited my parents’ place, second aunt’s place, eldest aunt’s place and eldest Uncle’s place. We also bumped into other relatives along the way. As my aunt who usually hosted the annual dinner on Day 1 was away, I cooked dinner instead. It was curry chicken, pork rib soup, honey garlic fish, cereal prawns and stir-fried vegetables with abalone and scallops. 

We ended the night with a family movie of Kungfu Yoga. It was quite a lot of laughter and thrills. X kept referring to Jackie Chan as the boy who could do kungfu, the boy who could swim underwater and we kept telling him that Jackie Chan was the same age as his grandma!