No photos 

Not because I was into protecting the pictures but because I had maxed out on WordPress capacity. Despite having well meaning friends explain the concept of photobucket, I was too lazy and tardy to set it up.

I update my wordpress on the go, so without the use of a computer, I found it troublesome to cut and paste.

It was either persisting on without uploading photos or to simply set up a version 1.3, as though it was album volume 1.3.

Decisions, decisions.

Not too hard to make, just not much time to get to!


Judging front, left, right & back

I could be an overzealous advocate, so I always had to make a conscientious reminder not to do so. While I tried my best not to judge, the best of my intentions weren’t always well represented. I had also learned silence could be golden, real gold.

However, I could not help but feel puzzled at how people drew me into conversations. They did not like to be passed judgments but they made sweeping statements which usually drew the opinionated side of me. Maybe it was a test to see how much I could refrain from commenting. 

Parenting could be made very bitchy, right down to the type of food you feed your child. Surprising? No and yes. No to the genre but yes to the speaker(s). 

To the choice of schools, activities and probably where you brought the child for holidays. 

Many a times, I brushed those aside because as a tiger mom, I had many assessment books to mark. Having no help from grandparents, maids or even tutors, I had so many things on my plate. It impressed me not, when people could assume so much without having tried it for themselves. 

It was probably a lot easier to spend time with like-minded people, so you would not be exposed to jarring and judgmental statements. Little wonder to the old saying ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ and I did not mean this in the negative light. 

Miles spike 

The redemption rate of air tickets via KF miles had gone up by 25% if you factored the removal of 15% online discount and 10% increase. The fuel surcharges were so minimal compared to the 25% increase.

However, it definitely created the urgency for me to ticket my bookings as soon as possible. 

With the increase, I also couldn’t be quite sure if I should continue to earn miles to do something else with the credit card rewards. 

At the moment, I was left very little miles on my account, but still enough for 3 Bali air tickets. Should I? 

Worser end of the stick

One of my MBA ex-classmates shared this about how life was generally unfair for women. To a large extent, it was pretty true.

I recalled deciding that career was more important and wanting to have children later. Of course, Mr H convinced me otherwise and I ended up juggling a full plate of work, postgraduate studies and a child at the same time. Right after completing my MBA, while some of my schoolmates went on to more exciting career, I took a more muted path happily. 

It took a long time and talks with many people before I found the equilibrium of being a guilt-free mommy. Of course, the constant documentation in this space served to remind myself of the many wonderful things, visits and trips I had done for my family. 

I did not think we are asking to be understood, empathized or praised. Just fewer judgments and a sweet spouse would be good. No tantrums from the kids, big or small, would be a bonus. 

Pushing one’s limits 

One morning, a friend sent a brain teaser riddle. That broke the monotony of the morning as we set to see who could solve the math problem quickly and accurately. Then we started talking about our studying days.

I had hoped that Z would be able to take up higher chinese in the following year. In fact, I had been dousing him with the higher Chinese assessment books though he was taking mainstream Chinese.

I recalled how passionate my Chinese teacher was, and from there, I recalled how we used to participate in different contests to make our teacher happy and proud. I commented to Mr H that on hind sight, we were really eager to please and fighting to do more and better than each other.

Even at JC, we were even looking at ways to do S papers, despite S papers being really tough and tedious. 

I just wondered how on earth we got to that point and how I could make Z and X get to that without getting all stressed. 

Free time at home 

While clearing some leave days at home, someone told me to spend some me-time. I had to think very hard on what me-time meant. I was so used to integrating everything that the only times when I felt truly relaxed was after a good massage or after I cleared my family homework of a photobook. 

Having returned with more than 2000 photos from the recent Japan trip, I had been slow, reluctant and lethargic to work on this. Namely, the trip was tiring with 6 days of skiing. It was also also contradicting to say that it was as idlyic. Anyway, looking at the photos made me feel tired and sleepy. 

I also realized I could barely get used to free time at home. Juggling the kids’ schedules meant we were so used to be on the go that I simply could not get used to hanging around. These days, I could not even make through a Korean drama. I speed read through synopses. 

To spend 5 minutes drinking a cup of tea alone was probably my best stretch. 

D extra mile

I had always liked going to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea because of how pleasant the park experience had been. I was referring to the orderliness of the other park goers, the cleanliness of the parks and the helpfulness of the staff, and probably more. 

We enjoyed Tokyo Disneyland so much that the Dec 16 was the third visit in 18 months. 

However, this little episode took the cake and possibly made me the biggest fan of Tokyo Disneyland, nevermind that the restaurants were almost always fully booked, never mind that the hotels were booked out the instant they were made available 6 months ahead of check in date, nevermind that I almost never got the lottery for shows and all. 

X dropped this cute little beanie of his at Disneysea. When we realized the beanie was missing, it was 11pm in the hotel. We traced through the photos and realized we dropped it at the souvenir shop. 

The beanie was bought in Dec 2015 but it was so cute on little X that this beanie did mean quite a bit to the sentimental me.

I recalled that a friend had ever reported a missing shoe and Tokyo Disneyland had sent the shoe back to her. I was heartened by the recollection and asked Mr H to get the hotel, Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay, to help us call DisneySea to check with their Lost and found department. It was really nice of the hotel to help us follow up when they did not have to. We were leaving on the 8am airport limousine bus the next day.

Imagine our delight when a staff of Sheraton hotel contacted us to inform us that Disneysea had found the beanie but required us to call in and verify. We were at Tomamu Resort so Mr H was able to call and verify that the beanie was ours. 

Next, they graciously offered to mail the beanie back to Singapore. I was thinking of finding someone to help me pick it up. 

That was totally, superb & unbeatable customer service. Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea, I am a fan of yours for life. We will keep coming back to visit, to play and to stay!