PTM with Speech & Drama school

We actually had PTM with Z’s teacher at his speech and drama school. After all, she conducted weekly lessons for him for the past semester.

Her observation of him was pretty accurate. We were mindful of the areas he had to work on. Most importantly, he was a likeable student and had picked up fast in class. 

She was the second teacher in the week to comment that he was a smart boy. Sometimes, it felt like I was a mean mummy for not giving him as stellar a rating.

I had always told Z that his results were for him and only him. It did not matter if he did well or not. I would love him nonetheless but whether I felt proud of him was another matter. Nay, I did not say the latter. 

At least, I had gotten him to identify that when he became overly excited, he would forget everything. He would forget himself, his knowledge, his work, self control and all the rules. 

After his final class of the semester, I challenged him to teach the Chinese poem to X. If he succeeded as a mini teacher and X mastered the poem, both would be rewarded. 

Z was overzealous and kept pushing X to learn, even when X got tired. It was very funny because we had to tell him to be patient and not stress his “student”. That illustrated our overzealousness in pushing Z too! Guess he could finally identify with us. 


Mini Luk – Game on!

Now that both boys were older, I got them to compete in the area of concentration.

We had taken quite a long break from the Bambino/Mini Luk series since both boys’ completion of the earlier series. We finally got to moving on to the respective next stages.

Although the Mini Luk was meant for 5-7 years’ old, X had good patience and was happy to take on the challenge.

X’s working on the normal Mini Luk series 

He was good with identifying patterns. Meanwhile, he had to recognize the numerals 1 to 12 too. I was not sure if they had covered at N2 but any additional reinforcement was good. 

Z’s working on Mini Luk Advance series

I liked the geometry series because it strengthened concepts. In addition, the advance series had a lot of correlation work. 

As I enforced working on the questions and checking answers independently, when X did not get the right answers, he was perplexed and said that the exercise was funny. When I guided him through, I asked him if the book was funny, he admitted that he was funny instead.

Looking all perplexed that he was the funny one, and not the book 

Z’s P1 PTM

This so overdue. 

We headed straight for Legoland after PTM so I had only remembered the fun, rain and company at Legoland, not the PTM.

The form teacher was a person of few words and only responded when asked. I did not really have any questions on my mind and Z was old enough to tell me what went on in class too. 

Despite the talk on holistic assessment, the teacher had a scribbled score on the side. I was very surprised that there were marks. One funny remark the teacher gave was that Z was very loud and she always asked if he had a microphone in his throat. He could be so loud that he scared her when he shouted for her. I could totally emphasize because it had happened to me before. 

Of course, play always took the better of him as he could get out of hand. Granted, Z knew he was not the teacher’s let though he would love to, but he was not beating himself up over it.

The Chinese session was a bit odd as it covered promoting of some materials and highlighted the importance of video-based oral!

Anyway, weeks later, we received Z’s certificate of Achievement for being top 25% in his cohort. 

Well, I really pondered over the reality and truth behind holistic assessment. 

The F1 Car Challenge Camp

Apart from the regular soccer camp that we signed Z up for, we signed up for a holiday camp by The Key Academy.

In the chic and modern classroom

At the end of Day 1, his feedback was glowing. Every child was assigned a computer to design their F1 car using AutoCad.

He learned about what made the cars run faster and the benefits of 3D printer.

He also said that the lunch was good.

Well, from an hourly point of view, it was good value for money and for the exposure to 3D, AutoCad and some basic programming. There would be a presentation on the last day. I could not wait to hear all about it. 

Art holiday camp for Z & X

Both boys happened to enjoy art when it was stressfree and they could be guided to produce beautiful works. For this Dec holidays, I had signed Z up for the soccer camp, one-time art camp and another week of camp elsewhere.

It was X’s first holiday camp. Technically, he didn’t need a camp because he had full day preschool. However, I knew he would enjoy the session and the theme. With the help of a mommy friend, we registered both boys at a 15% group  discount.

Very personalized class with only 2 kids!

X’s masterpiece 

Z’s masterpiece 

I wondered if both boys could doodle their favorite pokemons from now onwards.

Public Speaking Trial Class

See, I already said it was the season for trial class.

We packed Z off to a public speaking school for a 1.5hours’ trial.

Whilst he was at class, we went to a nearby Mcd to eat and wait for him. We returned to the school to listen to the school’s curriculum and pricing package. Maybe it was the delivery by the person in charge, or the materials given, it came across more of a salesy pitch, rather than a convincing pitch on why the school was good.

1. The materials also looked rather basic to me. 

2. They used before and after videos of the kids to illustrate how effective their courses were.

3. The marketing collaterals looked too ROI driven. In my opinion, education was not about that.

4. They used their own set of certification instead of an internationally recognized certification. 

Long story short, I did not feel comfortable. 

Z was happy with the class though. Apparently, of the 6 kids in class, he fared the best and earned the most number of stamps. The teacher was very honest in her review of Z as a student. I did not think the school was suitable in helping Z to advance at this point and did not sign him up. 

Speech & Drama Trial Class

Holiday season seemed to be a period for trial class.

I sent X for a mandarin speech and drama trial class. Perhaps it was the age group, but it seemed more like a gym class conducted in Mandarin.

I thought the instructors could connect better with the kids using a direct approach. 

Anyway, I guessed I was inwardly comparing the instructors to that of Z’s and their preschool’s. Hence, I was not too impressed and did not sign X up.

As an after thought, perhaps X was too young too.