CNY 2017 Day 1

Given how late everyone slept the night before, it was almost ten before the boys got up. We had a very slow and lethargic breakfast before crawling out for CNY visiting. I was so stoned that I only managed to take a few photos. 

We visited my parents’ place, second aunt’s place, eldest aunt’s place and eldest Uncle’s place. We also bumped into other relatives along the way. As my aunt who usually hosted the annual dinner on Day 1 was away, I cooked dinner instead. It was curry chicken, pork rib soup, honey garlic fish, cereal prawns and stir-fried vegetables with abalone and scallops. 

We ended the night with a family movie of Kungfu Yoga. It was quite a lot of laughter and thrills. X kept referring to Jackie Chan as the boy who could do kungfu, the boy who could swim underwater and we kept telling him that Jackie Chan was the same age as his grandma!


A surprisingly productive day

Leading up to the lunar new year has always been somewhat hectic. We had always been buying new clothes and storing them aside for the new year. We had been constantly keeping our house neat and reviewed what items to keep, discard or giveaway. 
The general rush seemed to stem from the shopping because everyone seemed to be in such a hurry. This year, we even bought our snacks from Japan. We seldom bought the typical cookies and were happy with having pineapple tarts and bak kwa. The start of this year had been so busy that I even missed placing order for my usual new year macarons.
I took leave one of the days prior to CNY. I settled all the miscellaneous bills upon waking up, did my grocery shopping at 830am and had breakfast with the family. We tidied up the cupboards which were overloaded with recent shopping before having lunch with Mr H’s company. 

After lunch, I managed to do my nails and all four of us had our haircut. We headed over to Vivo City where we had reunion dinner with Mr H’s family, picked up kueh lapis for gifting, underwears for the kids, pajamas for myself, a shirt for Mr H and towels for all of us.

I thought we completed quite a lot in one day. The next thing would be hoping to recover from the flu before the year of rooster crowed. 

Regaining our floor space 

As the kids grew older, they grew out of their babyish, bulky toys. 

Toys that used to make them giggle.
Toys that used to dazzle them with the bright colours and loud music.

Toys that used to engage them for minutes while we grab a quick bite or shower.

Toys that used to train their motor skills and fine motor skills.

Toys that used to sing ABC non-stop. 

Toys for their make pretend play. How they used to pretend cooking food for me, grilling corn and hot dog, and serving to me on a plate. 

Toys that helped them to learn walking, to help them cruise around in their unsteady states.

I knew I would look back and feel sad that these toys would disappear from our household one day. 

Of course, there was always a practical side of me who felt that these toys should be put to better use and be given to kids who were going to appreciate more. I also wanted to make space for the new toys which the boys would play such as Hot Wheels, Transformers and more. 

Besides, those cute toys such as exersaucer, wooden walkers, play kitchens & ride ons would be immortalized in pictures, weren’t they?

Anyway, Z & X practically play at the pool and under the sun on most days.

It was really time for us to regain our space in the household. 

Early spring cleaning for Z’s room

Z’s room had seemed very messy in comparison to X’s room. After all, with X’s new bed installation, it had created new storage places. In the process, we had also given away some bulky toys. 

The more I looked at the random mess of Z’s room, the more I decided that we had to do something about it.

We ended up cleaning and rearranging the furniture. It was therapeutic to sort his toys in a more meaningful area and concealed the mess in an orderly manner. 

So glad to have done the needful because his room now looked refreshing and tidy! 

Bed frame installation 

Owing to the size of X’s room, it was challenging to buy an off the shelf bed frame. I would have gone for Flexa if it was feasible. 

We got the contact from our neighbour. 

This was the final outcome of X’s room makeover.

The carpenters installed the white shelving in 2 hours. Though I was not home, Mr H said the installers were swift and tidy. They were cleaning up the mess with their own equipment as they installed the frames.

Ta Dah!


The full works

We met the person in charge on 20th sept. He took measurements and presto, it was ready for installation on 30 sept.

The workmanship and speed to deliver were so good that I thought I should share the contact here.

Unboxing boxed games 

We had been so caught up with digital distractions that we had forgotten the good, old fun of board games. X was hilarious when it came to playing monopoly. He knew what to do when he had to collect money and sulked when he had to pay up. 

The fact that it was a Minion-themed board game made it even cuter for kids

They also built paper robots

And played Smiggle’s version of snakes and ladder 

I preferred this rockets and roller coasters’ version though.