Waka Waka 

Polliwogs and us had come a long way. I recalled Z was barely 2 when they opened the Robertson Quay branch. It became such a great play space for Z that we signed for so many membership passes during that year. It was 2012. When I became pregnant with X, I used to take leave and bring Z to Polliwogs alone. He was such an independent kid that he was making new friends and finding new playmates on his end.

Through X’s infant months, we hanged out a lot at Polliwogs Robertson Quay and Polliwogs Suntec. One day, Z hit 5+ and decided he was sick of indoor playground. It didn’t help that X contracted HFMD twice, leading us to be overly cautious and avoiding indoor playgrounds. With that, we spent so much time conquering the outdoors.

Recently, Waka Waka by Polliwogs opened. It was geared towards an older age group. I always felt X’s experience was always shaped by his brother’s current schedule and I did not want him to miss out on indoor playgrounds.

Thankfully, Waka Waka looked like it was fun for both kids. Back to Polliwogs days we go!