Making it for the rides

The day before we flew off for holidays, we brought the boys to USS. 

We went on the carousel and watched the Sesame Street show. We were planning to stay for only a short while, hence, when X decided to ride the Transformers ride which warranted a 40min’ wait, I was flabbergasted. 

X was very excited about taking the Transformer ride again. Mr H did not want to disappoint him so he brought him to the ride. Z and I skipped it. The next moment, Mr H said they breezed through the queue.

Z did not want to take Battlestar again, but he wanted to take Enchanted Airways. We queued 15min for that and met up with Mr H and X for “Puss in Boots”. It was another 15min’s wait. 

It was X’s first time taking the ride and Z was up to his fear-mongering tactics. X ended up being overly scared of the loud sounds. He later on admitted that the ride was not scary!

With that, we wrapped up the visit and headed off dinner. 


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