Trial lessons at British Council

This was the second time we had attended academic related trial lessons. I had always toyed with the idea of sending Z for their holiday writing camps but the schedules always clashed with either a trip or another holiday camp.

This time round, there were slots for N2 and P1/P2. I had thought that I was supposed to sign up for a more advanced level like K1 and P3/P4 respectively. Our year’a schedule had pretty much panned out. 

The N2 session was broken into 3 distinct segments. X enjoyed himself very much but I could see striking similarities to his current preschool classes. There was need for us to splurge since his preschool had taken care of that.

The P1/P2 session was a combined trial. I thought it was not a good representation or the curriculum was a tad basic. Z said the lesson was fun. Indeed, it was. It surrounded a theme and the activities were creatively tied to it. 

However, even he found the level of work junior for him (let alone me). It was probably good for kids who needed to nail their foundation. 

Or maybe group lessons or any form of academic enrichment was not up our alley at the moment. 


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