X’s first backstroke class

At his 8th lesson in the term, X joined the backstroke class officially. I was pleasantly surprised. I guessed during Z’s time, we never experienced this because Z had taken the full 10 lessons and struggled to pass at times. Z also did not have the luxury of an elder sibling who swam so extensively. He had no one to look up to and learn from. 

Most importantly, Z had no competitive streak in him and was happy with taking things easy and slowly. X, on the other hand, was competitive and always fighting to be the first. 

In X’s eyes, swimming was akin to walking and he knew that to swim well, he had to practice everyday. And so he did. 

X was mightily pleased to be in the backstroke class. Despite facing a new instructor, which was his pet peeve, he took to the new instructor and lesson like a fish to water. 

Though he crashed in at the 8th lesson, he was doing notably better than some of the students who had been there since the 1st lesson. 

Well, he was a very athletic toddler to begin with. He also had the advantage of being a January kid. Let’s see what that shall bring.


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