Pack Your Own

For the upcoming holidays, the boys were going to carry their backpacks and their individual sets of:

– sunglasses 

– caps

– jackets 

– Lip balm

– Handcream 

– Storybook

It was time for them to take charge of their mini set of belongings, while we take care of the rest.

This time round, I also got Z to prepare his clothes. Actually, I had planned for X and given that both boys had the same clothing item 70% of the time, it was not hard for Z to grab the items from his wardrobe.

For the balance, I asked him to propose. Mr H, on the other hand, packed the necessities like underwear and socks for them. Well, that was where we contrasted on parenting. 

He would rather do it than save the hassle of making sure they knew how to do it and appear like the sweetest parent. I would rather go through the hassle of teaching them how to fish than to fish for them and appear like the meanest parent. 


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