Parenting a 7.5 year old

Clearly, I had not been up to speed with the game.

Too authoritative and too fierce, you take away the child’s confidence.

Too sweet and soft, the child becomes incorrigible.

I have to constantly remind myself that Z has opinions of his own, ideas of his own and preferences of his own. Sometimes, he doesn’t make the best decision and I bite my tongue to see him learn the lesson.

Even if it’s at the expense of him losing his favorite possession, I see him feel the heart pain, and so do I. He’s a really forgetful boy so he doesn’t remember his lessons.

Everything resets to zero when he has too much fun. That happens really often. 

Rules and boundaries – Reset to zilch 

Math, English and Chinese – Reset to zilch 

Drive, motivation and discipline – Reset to zilch 

Imagine my horror when I searched “Why are boys forgetful?” I get results telling me that this problem will peak during teenagehood and may never even be solved when the boys reach adulthood. That explains why I have a very forgetful Mr H on hand too!

I like this particular suggestion of turning a statement into a question and will try to practice the next time. Instead of telling Z to do something, I should ask him how he plans to do it. 

And finally, I must also remind myself on the little moments worth celebrating. In theory, it was good to boost the child’s confidence. On the flip side, it was shielding the child in a bubble world. 

Tough call, tough judgement. 


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