PTM @ P2 1H

We managed to get a 815am slot but I forgot about it and setup a 9am meeting. These were definitely times when work took precedence over kids. 

To my horror, the session before us overran and I was watching the time earnestly. As Z’s form teacher was on maternity leave, it was just us and the Chinese teacher. She impressed me with her creative teaching style and how she appealed to the kids. 

She remembered what Z liked to do in school, the little knick knacks. Previously, she had messaged me about how Z was playing with erasers in class and she confiscated those. I liked teachers who went the extra mile in guiding the kids. 

Z was a sharp boy and could even spot her mistakes if she wrote wrong stuffs on the board. Funny though, because he was so careless in most things.

What I liked about this year’s report card was a segment on character grading and if the students were in line with the school values. Z aced that, so I hoped it meant he was a good and kind boy. 


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