Blessed with help and love

When the incident happened, I was lucky on many counts.

  1. The car behind us stopped. There were 2 men and 1 lady who alighted promptly to help X and I. Without them, I would not even know what to do. The car horn went on and on, like someone pressed on it infinitely. It was a blur for me because Mr H was at a school camp with Z and I did not know the right number to call. These lovely folks helped to calm me down, looked after X and even got a toolkit to disconnect the car battery just so that the horn stopped. They stayed with me under the hot afternoon sun and helped as much as they could.
  2. Another car drove by and this lovely lady passed us an ice-cold bag of bottled mineral water.
  3. Mr H got back to the school and headed over to take over the situation.
  4. My in-laws drove down to where we were and sent workshop assistance ahead of their arrival.
  5. My friends drove over to offer assistance and some also advised us on what to do.
  6. Our X-rays showed that we were fine. I would have been devastated if anything were to happen to little X.
  7. To have awesome neighbors who could help us to send both kids to school till we sort out our current arrangements…

These were among many things to be thankful for… like the car not exploding in our face with all that smoking and burning smell!


One thought on “Blessed with help and love

  1. Sorry to hear about the incident. Am relieved to hear that you and X are doing fine. Must have been frightening.

    Take Care *hugs*


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