Mid year results 

Z did well for his Chinese and English. It was not to the extent of getting full marks but the scores were reasonably well. Besides, the mistakes were acceptable.

Hence, I did not understand why he felt he did poorly.

However, he turned in less than stellar results for his math. If not for the extremely poor level of work and carelessness, he could have gotten full marks instead of a lower than preferred score.

We spoke to him about it, addressed his root problem of poor attitude and left it as that. There was no scolding or punishment. I hoped this set the stage that we did not value results above him.

At first, I had felt upset on his behalf, that he could have done better and not invite funny questions by his peers on his abilities and smartness. In an odd way, I also thought he deserved it for being so assuming and thinking he was a math whiz. He tended to rush through math like it was timed trial and in his haste, created a lot of mistakes. 

Some poor results could help him in humility and relook at how he should work harder. 


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