A typical Mother’s Day not 

There was a Soccer tryout at 12-2pm on Mother’s Day. My idea of a dim sum lunch vanished into thin air. It was a blistering hot day so apart from hanging out with fellow moms and bonding over cider, pizza and chocolates, I could not remember anything else.

The boys made an effort to surprise me with a Mother’s Day greeting when I got off work on Friday. Given that we went karaoke and I received gifts on Friday, I would like to think that we had celebrated on that day instead.

X’s school got him to make a card, a pull-out flower and a clay jewelry dish in the shape of his hand! His little hand at 4 years and 3.5 months’ old!

This thing about motherhood, I probably did not envision myself deep diving into it and so hands on. I probably had to attribute this to the OCD side of me, rather than the maternal side. 

Of course, on most days, the boys were really sweet, adorable and cute. As for the rest of the days, they were filled with angst, frustration and hair-tearing moments. I would rather them be tearing moment.  

There were surprises, and there were surprises. Things typically did not turn out the way we planned so it could be funny or it could be alarming.

There were so many ways to bring up a child. There were so many ways of communicating a message, so many ways of reacting and most importantly, so many ways of showing our love for children. A mother’s love could be gentle, kind, firm and nurturing. A Mother’s love could be impartial, tough and challenging.

Whichever way we chose, we wanted the best for our children. 

If you asked me, a Mother’s Day was underrated and we deserved more appreciation than just a day to call our own.


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