Preoccupation with results 

On the day Z received the results of his English and Chinese mid-year tests, he reported his Chinese grade happily but told us he forgot his English grade. It was the same as last year when he claimed not to remember his English results.

While I was firm, I was not unreasonable. I had always explained that I was more concerned about consistent work at this stage. Furthermore, I was feeling really proud of him that he had been serious about his swim training. He never stopped his swim training throughout the test period, nor did we see a need to spend the time cramming. Exercise was always good for the mind and body.

We had not done anything out of norm because he had always been tasked to do assessment work regularly. In fact, there was always play time, TV time and lots of swimming time. 

Despite all these, we did not seem to have allayed his concerns and for him to recognize that we would always be there for him. 

Once again, I reiterated to him that we did not reward him when he scored full marks, so it also meant that we would not punish him for less than stellar results. Hope we would fare better as trusted cheerleaders next round. 


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