Good fun on Vesak day 

We had not been to USS for months. If not for the lure of Chocolate Garden, we might not have headed down. It was small and disappointing! 

The highlight of the day for us was that X was finally tall enough to take Transformers’ ride. Z also plucked up the courage to take Battlestar. By the time we left USS, Z declared it to be a great day. It was probably because he had been scared to ride both roller coasters of Battlestar but with sufficient encouragement, he took it and enjoyed it. He was really proud of himself, so was I. Guess all these tips were pretty true!

It was a cloudy day so it was not too sunny, just humid. We met our friends for lunch and the kids did some math before adjourning to swim and had dinner till 8 plus. 

In spite of the fact that it was a school night. I reckoned we would all be paying for it the next day. 

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