Weren’t you listening?

We were having dinner and having sliced oranges for dessert. X insisted on having the sliced oranges despite the mess I foresaw. Mr H peeled off the orange skin with nifty skills and cut the orange into smaller pieces. 

After X finished a serving of 2 slices of oranges, he wanted more and Mr H declined his request. I felt there was no big deal but Mr H thought the little boy had eaten too much too fast. He had wolfed down a plate of cold noodles on his own. 

Eventually, it was agreed to let X have another serving. Mr H was about to cut off the orange skin and X said he did not want that. He wanted to try to eat the orange off directly.

Before we knew it, the orange was peeled and sliced again.

So this little guy with the worst tantrum had a meltdown. 

He was crying as he demanded, “Weren’t you listening?”

“Weren’t you listening? I said I did not want you to peel the orange. Yes or No????”

I thought the final was question of “Yes or No” was really funny. It sounded like he was interrogating Mr H. 


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