Inaugural night run

Both Z and Mr H signed up for their first ever night run, in the form of Star Wars Run! It sounded fun and the race pack looked very cool too. It was $70 per person and there was no child or family rate.

Z was at the age where he liked Star Wars. It was a no brainer for him to decide on joining the fun run. It was 4.5km, by far the longest run he had ever done. I would enjoy the run but I did not fancy the crowd so I volunteered to look after X. At $70 per pax, I did not think that we wanted to bring him and risk having to carry him for 4.5km. 

The boys had gone for swimming classes till 6pm. They bathed and we had dinner at a nearby hawker centre. It was 7pm when I dropped Mr H and Z at MBS for the run. The flag off time was 8pm. The kids played at the promenade before heading to the start line which was packed with people!! 

The nicest thing about the run was that it was casual, relaxed and dressed up. Z and his friend brought toy light sabres for the run, alongside with kids and adults alike.

X and I cut over to Gardens By the Bay and enjoyed the Star Wars Festival as well as basked in the special Star Wars lighting of Supertrees.

Despite only starting the run at 830pm, Z and his friend came back by 915pm simply because there were fewer runners on the light side. 

The kids had McD for supper, which was a repeat of what X and I had earlier while waiting. 

After supper, my overzealous kids proceeded to the outdoor movie screening and watched another 40min of the show. It was midnight when we got home. It was such a long and tiring day!


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