One of the little bright spots would be to step out of office to the warmth of late afternoons. I felt thankful for these treats in life. Not only it meant beating the jams and spending more time with family, but it was simply refreshing in the sense that we did not have to wait till weekends to experience these sun rays. 

We took the chance of one Friyay to go karaoke. Z had been requesting for a singing session for weeks and we never had time. From being afraid to speak into the microphone and hesitation in singing in mandarin, this boy had overcome the fear of singing over the microphone. These days, he also showed more appreciation for Chinese language. 

It was a pleasant visit to Teo Heng. We had always frequented Partyworld, so it was a novel experience going to Teo Heng. Firstly, it took me a while to search for songs. I preferred Partyworld’s system. Secondly, I was blown away by how cheap TH charged. Lastly, I was doubly blown away by the sound system which was really good.

We would probably have more of these Singing Friyays because I hoped my kids would grow up to enjoy Chinese language. After all, this was what kept my Chinese afloat back then. 

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