Things the boys talked about 

I guessed I was coming to an end of the “Z says” and “X says” series.

Both boys talked so much and so quickly these days that I could not register what they were saying. I always opted “living for the moment”, so if I chose to laugh over their multiple jokes, it pretty much meant that I forgot what to record next. 

At 4 years 3 months and 2 weeks’ old, X was speaking almost as well as Z. He asked good questions, thought about the situation before talking about things. Like how he said “The night was too short” to indicate that he felt the night was too young to send him off to bed. We seldom or never used such phrases so it was very cute to hear that from him. 

Z tickled us with jokes. He had been reading up on jokes so he had been plying us with cold jokes like “What was Liverpool when it was cold?” 


I was amused that he could remember all these jokes from a soccer joke book. It reminded me of the times when I used to read joke books when I was young too.

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