The Labour Day long weekend – cont’d

Soccer lessons were cancelled due to poor conditions of the field. Hence, we arranged for a cycling date at East Coast Park. Unfortunately, it started with a fall. X was unable to control the bicycle and the fear of  riding in the park caused him to panic. He lost control and swung far too wildly for me to catch him. He fell flat on his face and was sprawled across the gravel path. 

We had a shock when we saw his face because there was a fierce, red bump on his forehead. There were imprints from the floor! Poor kid bawled his eyes and heart out.

Instead of letting him quit on cycling, I barked at him to master the skill because he had previously taken the shortcut and refused to learn properly. X gamely took up the challenge because this was a boy who had a winner mentality and always aimed for the win. He probably did not want to feel like he was bowling out of cycling.

After cycling, it was quick grocery run, lunch at home and off Z went for his class. X took an epic nap after the morning’s workout. 

When the boys headed out for swim, I met up with a girlfriend. It felt good to have an adult date to attend to. 

In the evening, it was a potluck dinner with the neighbours and Mr H present his first potluck dish of black pepper prawns! After a lot of food and wines later, we had to drag the kids home to rest for the night. 


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