Working through stereotyping

Inconsistent performances typically led to stereotyping, even for the worse. That was something that even helicopter parents could not help with. 

When Z did well, he did well. When he could not focus, he did bad. This caused misconception and usually led to other parties forming a poor impression of him. 

One day, someone scored an own goal. Z got pretty upset that people thought that he was the one who made the mistake because he was the less skilled player. I explained to Z the concept of stereotyping and how he caused the problems himself. He had to either prove other people wrong by improving or just learned how to brush it aside. 

Maybe it was too early to expose him to the cynical side of life. He had to learn that stereotyping would happen everywhere and anywhere, even in class. If he was always a good boy in class, the teacher would have more favourable opinion of him and less likely to think that he was causing trouble, even if he was. This worked both ways.

It was a lot to sink in.

The beauty of being a boy was to forget everything by the next day. So much for stereotyping! 


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