Minding the work

With the new job on hand, I had not been as earnest as I was in the first year. Imagine my surprise when I came across this news clipping outside X’s preschool. 

Once again, another blatant reminder that girls outshone boys at a young age. 

Before I became a mom, I had to say in never knew or realised this difference. It would not make a difference because I would still love my sons the way they were. 

I had to say that they were so forgetful that they always forgot my scolding and bore zero grudge. But it also meant teaching them was a pain because they also remembered little. 

In fact, Z asked me why was it that he could forgive and forget swiftly, but why could I bear grudges for more than a day?

Similarly, I also wondered why he could forget everything we taught him in less than a day. 


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