Holiday planning & recap

Considering that we had booked up to 4 holidays in advance, our kiasu factor ranked high. 

I had maxed out my planned leave for this year, so all I could do was to plan ahead for the following year. 

The kids remembered their holidays fondly. Every now and then, we would be quizzed as they walked down their memory lanes.

Where was my first holiday?

Which countries have I visited?

Where did we go in 2014?

Z was at the age where he remembered tons. If I didn’t check my records, I would not be able to remember. Hence, Z surprised when he was able to rattle off where we had been. In particular, X had asked us where he’d been in his first year, his second year. I actually got the answer wrong but Z proved to be the better of the two.

It helped that I had photo books so the boys really enjoyed looking back and flipping through those precious memories. 


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