Viral bug 

For a week, X was down with a viral infection. It had started on a Monday morning when X declared that he was too tired to go to sxhool. I had almost never hear him make such a statement and was most certain that he was sick, and he was.

A visit to the family doctor confirmed it. 

The persistent high fever was an indication that the viral infection was not going away anytime soon. Thankfully, it was a fairly quieter week at work and I had a great boss who was so understanding.

Between Mr H and I, we got our babysitting covered. 

It was also through this episode that I found X super, duper stubborn and annoying. 

I reflected and felt that Mr H had really spoilt #2 a tad too much. It made caring for him a major chore. As different as personalities could go, the upbringing also made an impact. 

If only the ill tempers could be dispelled with the viral bugs. 


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