Judging front, left, right & back

I could be an overzealous advocate, so I always had to make a conscientious reminder not to do so. While I tried my best not to judge, the best of my intentions weren’t always well represented. I had also learned silence could be golden, real gold.

However, I could not help but feel puzzled at how people drew me into conversations. They did not like to be passed judgments but they made sweeping statements which usually drew the opinionated side of me. Maybe it was a test to see how much I could refrain from commenting. 

Parenting could be made very bitchy, right down to the type of food you feed your child. Surprising? No and yes. No to the genre but yes to the speaker(s). 

To the choice of schools, activities and probably where you brought the child for holidays. 

Many a times, I brushed those aside because as a tiger mom, I had many assessment books to mark. Having no help from grandparents, maids or even tutors, I had so many things on my plate. It impressed me not, when people could assume so much without having tried it for themselves. 

It was probably a lot easier to spend time with like-minded people, so you would not be exposed to jarring and judgmental statements. Little wonder to the old saying ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ and I did not mean this in the negative light. 


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