Birthday parties in schools

It was a tad hilarious reading a news report on how some primary schools disallowed the celebrating of birthdays in school. 

Firstly, it wasn’t a piece of new news. The mentioned schools weren’t the only ones which implemented such measures. I would know because Z’s school advocated the same last year. Hence, I believed there were other schools which did the same. In line with how many sweeping statements the local press had made with regarded to education, you got a sense of how poor research had been done.

Secondly, the reactions of some parents were odd. I was unsure how they wanted to be portrayed on the national papers. It might be TNP but they shared the same news which meant it could go out through other titles. Why would anyone say that it was unnecessary to shelter children from comparison of material wealth? I actually wondered if those quotes were real or plucked out of context. 

To be honest, I would love a good party, birthday or not. Birthday parties were amongst the best and most legit reasons for getting people whom you liked together. Hence, a party at school lent very little partying time for both parents and kids. I was very glad to do without the school party. Better to have the school disallow than to have our kids asking why we never prepare, on top of the 18626384 things we had to do. 


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