The Good Friday long weekend

Building up lifelong memories, creating the childhood and special moments were essential part of parenting. I always liked to create highlights for the boys. The brain would not remember dull, routine or iPad moments but surely, they would remember the special times.

After the previous years of having one too many chocolate eggs, Mr H bought a box of 50 Hot Wheel cars. I had wanted to wrap the card up and draw cute rabbits/carrots/eggs on the packaging. Recalling that I wasn’t the most arty person around, I decided to use tennis balls for hiding and get the kids to exchange with me. 

The weekend started with a morning swim at Z’s bestie’s place. After a swim, the mothers hid the loot and within 10 minutes, the older boys combed the place clean. After a really long play date, we headed home for tennis and another play date. By the time we finished watching Fast and Furious 8, X was barely awake.

Even the Saturday soccer session ended early because of an Easter party for the kids. X practiced swimming while Z worked on his corrections. X napped and had a play date at Polliwogs while Z had swimming.

We made the boys sleep early to prepare for Easter Sunday because they had 2 house parties. By then, the boys were trained to a T. The kids started to recognize they could trade to get what they didn’t have. After all, one man’s poison could be another man’a food.

I was impressed with the kids’ readiness to share and also the kids’ propensity to trade. Despite a vast age group range, the kids were really sweet and generous with each other. If one had more, they just gave away the excess. Their acts of care and kindness were heartening. I hoped these kids continue to encourage and lead good examples for each other. 


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