Eating in 

I seldom post about what I cooked because I was a very functional cook, unless I bothered with plating for Valentine’s Day or the recent Seafood Noodles.

Having no live-in helper meant we were pretty much on our own for cleaning up. As such, I minimized the amount of mess created during cooking.

That also meant I refrained from using many cultery. The irony was we had a dishwasher machine but we had not used it for the last 6 years. I wondered if it was still working.

Eating in was a lot of hassle. In order to cook at home, we had to plan, buy and allocate time for grocery shopping. There was also the packing and storing of bags of food after every grocery trip. The children were part of the shopping because they got to handle bits of procurement and logistics. 

Sometimes, the kids also helped with simple cooking like stirring or watching something being baked in the kitchen. The most gratifying feeling of all was when the kids immersed themselves in the aroma of cooking and ate up well. 

Admittedly, cooking was a messy, hot and possibly oily affair. However, to be able to produce healthy and delicious meals from fresh and good quality ingredients for the family and to be conscientious about eating out less, I felt quite proud of the efforts both Mr H and I put in. Of course, it helped that the kids were always appreciative. 


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