Cyclist X

At 4 years and 3 months’ old, X finally mastered cycling.

He had been most reluctant.

He was always coming up with one excuse or the other. Granted, he wasn’t very tall so it made balancing on the 2-wheel 12″ bike very scary.

His incentive was to open the Hot Wheels toy he had received from his best friend on his 4th birthday. He refused to bite the bait. He was just being stubborn and wasn’t really focusing on the offer.

Eventually, I had to ask him, “What can I give you so that you will try cycling again?”

He said, “A sweet.”

“Okay!!! I will give you a sweet!!”

It was amazing how long I took to bait him and he refused to be bribed. All I did was to change the style of offer and he was agreeable.

When he finally completed the milestone, he asked to open the Hot Wheels toy.

It was the same offer, same bait, just different positioning.

Sure sounded like Marketing 101 to me.


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