Sweet flowers 

When I got into the car in the evening, I was greeted with an artificial stalk of blue flower. Mr H explained that Z had bought it for me.

My first instinct was that Z had spent his money frivolously as it came a week after buying modelling clay in school. He said he had so much fun in school that he bought the biggest pack for X. It was $1.90.

I remembered the day when I had saved so hard to buy my mom a wallet, which she swiftly reprimanded me over. Since I vowed not to do that ever, I took an appreciative stance.

I thanked Z when we picked him up from his swimming. He was beaming from ear to ear. I joked about what the occasion was because Mother’s Day was still so far away.

He told me that when he saw it, he knew he had to get for me. He dug from his bag and whipped out a purple stalk for me. He had gotten 2!

“Don’t worry. They are not real so you can keep them for a long time. When Mother’s Day come, I will buy you more!” gushed the proud boy. 

Well, it seemed like it was ingrained in boys that girls like flowers. Look, here was my son’s first flower purchase(s) and all for me. 

So lucky and blessed to be loved and to have such a sweet son.


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