General attachment 

I was usually the unpopular parent because of my mean style, so I was really unfazed by the kids’ attachment to Mr H. Though Mr H had his ferocious side, he showed his claws less and he was as flexible (Chin Chye) as I was inflexible (minimum quality or standard).

The family conversation turned hilarious when we talked about Mr H’s first possible business trip. He had always been too worried to go off, no matter how I reassured him. 

Anyway, the kids were pretty upset, for all the funny reasons. Z had said, “It’s still so far away, we worry later.” I supposed he felt safer if Mr H was around and would be less likely to incur my wrath.

X said he would cry when Mr H wasn’t around because there was no one to carry him or his bag. 

All for very practical reasons!


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