Build a plane

One thing Mr H and I really not enjoyed was handicraft homework from school. Preschool to be exact. When they set a task, it would be the parents rather than the kids who had to plan, prepare and execute.

I was not good with arts and craft, and never will or want to do. I was more familiar with coming up with the idea and getting someone to execute.

Anyway, we had forgotten about it until we picked X up from school on a Monday evening. I saw some art display at the side and went… “OMG, WE HAVE HW!”

Luckily, the due date was on Wednesday.

X was miffed and kept reminding us to do. He was not very happy with his tardy parents.

The assignment was to make something from recycled materials. My first suggestion was to make a robot. I could envision a tissue box for body and other smaller boxes or toilet rolls as limbs.

“No, I want to make a plane.”

Huh? Plane?

When we got home, we pooled the ready materials together and wondered what kid of plane we could build with the random boxes. I did not even have an empty tissue box and considered ripping out all tissues, or to build it with brand, new tissue boxes.

X chased us to get started on Monday. We held him off. We told him that we had one more night.

The next night came, and viola, we had egg trays!! We happened to replenish our egg supply from the Depot Road’s egg wholesaler.

With that, Mr H and X worked on it. Actually, I believed X only supervised. He came up with the idea, directed what he wanted and insisted on colouring the object so that it would look nice.

Mr H managed to convince him by covering the objected with yellow paper.

Masterpiece, with little Picasso adding the final touches


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