Watching a princess movie

“Beauty and the Beast” had opened for a few weeks by now. The original plan was to watch with my girlfriends but it was so hard to find a common date. Plus, work had been erratic for a bit.

The movie was probably coming to an end and the next time I could catch it was Krisworld. The thought of it was so sad that I asked Mr H and the boys if they were willing to watch with me.

Z went, “Isn’t that a Princess movie?”

X screeched, “But I am a boy, you know?”

Z quickly added, “I can watch with you. One of my friends also has no choice and have to accompany his sister & mother.”

You know, my eyes kind of rolled to then back and front at this point.

Nonetheless, I said in a very polite manner, “That’s great! Let’s watch it this Friday night!”

Well, any company was better than none I supposed! 


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