X’s first swimming class

X started his first formal swimming class at 4 years and 3 months’ old. That was after all the mucking around and learning on his own or from his brother. 

Finally, after many months of sending his brother to swimming lessons, it was X’s first splash at the school’s pool.

Despite the rain, he was delighted to join the swimming class. He did warm ups with the class and was puzzled by some actions that he was unfamiliar with. 

He had to be assessed to see which class he could go to and got to join the freestyle class which was 2 notches up from the fundamental and beginner swimmer’s class. He was in his element and chatted everyone in his group up. 

Luckily for us, he paid attention to the coach who corrected a number of his stubborn strokes. With that, X started his water learning journey. 


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