Math @ home 

We, or more like I, wanted to cultivate problem solving skills so an heuristic assessment book was always in my to-buy list. I also wanted Z to welcome all challenging problems with a positive mindset instead of collapsing in despair at an unfamiliar question.

When we started this, his initial response was, “It’s so difficult, I don’t know how to do.”

I told him to try, study the question carefully, understand the trickiness, work around the parameters to test out the permutations and see if any can fulfill one or few of the conditions before proceeding to the next move. I reminded him to keep an open mind, stay positive and edge him on by saying,”I’ve gotten the answer!” I realized this boy now responded to competition. 

Question on question, he solved the puzzle on his own. He was pleased with himself, and I was really proud of him. 

To be honest, I found it challenging to coach him. How do you guide without letting the cat out of the bag? Or worse, when I couldn’t solve the puzzle. 

I managed to keep it light-hearted and fun. 

Above all, I was proud of my tutoring skills. 😂


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