Whammy Sunday 

It described the day Z was whacked at the side of his face by a ball. The impact was so great that it sent him flying to the ground on his side.

As a mother who witnessed the sight, there a chill running through the heart. I had the same experience last year. While the impact wasn’t so great to knock me off my feet, it sent my Dior shades to the ground and the crystals embellishments fell off too. Needless to say, the shades went out of shape and had to be repaired professionally.

I felt so shaken that he got hurt. The poor boy was crying his heart out in pain. His teammates were very sweet and asked after him. A kind parent had a cold compress to soothe his swollen face.

Luckily, Z could be convinced to return to the field to continue the game. He displayed a sporting spirit and while I knew this was a high contact sport, as a mom, I would really pray for injury-free games.


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