Random Saturday 

No matter how random a weekend day was, it always began with soccer.

Even if we had a late night the day before.

Even if it rained.

Even if it was super sunny.

Nothing could stop the boys from soccer, except when X had skin torn off his big toe the week before and felt that he could not kick properly.

X was amongst the youngest child in his training group. Having played for 6 months, I was impressed that he knew what a goalkeeper was supposed to do.

While I wasn’t around to see if he saved any goals, it was really cute to hear that he played as a goalkeeper, though I wondered if he volunteered for the goalkeeper so that he did not have to run.

If the day was warm, the boys would swim after their soccer. Z would not swim if he had swim class in the late afternoon. In fact, X was finally going to start on proper swimming classes soon. As there would be a check on his proficiency level, Mr H took X to the pool for coaching.

X could imitate freestyle, breaststroke, survival backstroke and butterfly very well. What he lacked was refining and stamina. I really hoped that he would be slotted to a right class and that he could follow instructions.

While Z probably had to spend the afternoon on classes, the ideal plan for X was to sleep as long as possible. I really hoped sleep and swimming can lengthen him!

The weekend’s dinner was a BBQ & drinking dinner with the neighbours while the kids ran amok for hours.

Part of the sumptuous meal

Life’s little pleasures, for both adults and kids.


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