Rounding up March holidays – Part 3

Z got off lucky today because his piano class was rescheduled. Instead, we arranged for him to attend an audition. This boy clamed up in front of the camera. I supposed he could only get more confident as time passed.

We had lunch at Peach Gardens, located at Gardens by the Bay. We celebrated birthdays and also checked out the Dino exhibits. They were big and colourful. If not for the horrid sun, it was a really nice place for phototaking.

By evening time, we headed to another birthday party. The kids had a blast but far too many tears. Z cried because he was bumped out at the piñata. X cried because he was punished by me for bad behavior, and missed out on the piñata. Okay, so what was up with kids and piñata? 

I talked about how trying X was, how impossibly tyranny he had been. While it was gratifying to see him regretting his act, I could not tell if he had regretted behaving badly or having regrets about missing out on the piñata. 

Anyway, I thought the kids had played way too much. 

Well, I was glad that school holidays had come to an end. 

Birthday moments 

We had 5 birthday cakes over 3 days. March was fast overtaking July as the populous birthday month in our books.


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