Rounding up March holidays – Part 2

Being really busy with work during weekdays meant we overcompensated for the weekends.

I barely crawled out of bed from the aftermath of the Friday party. Z headed out for his usual soccer training while X and I struggled with recovery.

When Z returned, we headed out for a birthday party at Waka Waka Polliwogs. It was a fact that Z had many commitments, so he had to skip out of the party at 130 for a class.

X played and even got to try the obstacle course.

He completed the course with much reluctance and whines, as usual. He was really afraid of falling. The thing about X at such a young age was a fear of failure. 

After Z’s class was over, we popped down to the Popular Bookstore sale at Bras Basah where Z picked up 4 books.

It was enroute to the swim school. It was not a fruitful practice due to lightning risks.  After dinner with the grandparents, we finally had the time to check out iLights Marina Bay.

We started from One Fullerton and ogled at the Merlion before starting the walk. 

The highlight was Uncle Ringo where the kids got to play and try their hand at carnival games.

It was 11pm when we left. The kids had a blast but were not tired. It was amazing how much reserves their batteries ran on. 


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