Mr Try-his-best

It’d been three months since the dust of the winter holiday had settled. It took almost three months for Z to get back into the regular grind.

In the past 3 months, he had shown tremendous improvement in the area of swimming, soccer and studies.

You know how corporate presentations always had 3-4 takeaways, that was how I streamlined for Z.

Swimming – He had started on competitive swimming happily. We had delayed this because we wanted him to be absolutely sure and also because we were not mentally prepared last year with the amount of drop offs required!

Soccer – We were told that the children typically developed a better understanding and control of the game after they crossed their 7th birthday mark. To be honest, I never knew that birth month was so important when it came to sports. Jan kids definitely edged out on this.

Studies – Z loved math and took to model drawing like a duck to water. I had coached him in Jan and the school started in Feb. The timings worked out really well. Z enjoyed reading finally. I had also made him complete about 2 grammar books to prepare him for creative writing. As for Chinese, the words were getting harder for him but the Mediacorp class and his fun Chinese teacher were helping him to like the language. 

I couldn’t quite believe it took us 3 months to recollect Z for the school year. While it caused me great trepidation on going away for holidays, it would cause far too much distress for me not to go away. We really had to see how we could balance in this area. 

Meanwhile, let me praise Z for trying his best and having such an upbeat attitude at the moment!


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