Mr Whine-a-lot

One thing about X was crying to get attention and demanding his way. Wasn’t the latter part of terrible twos and threes? Why was he still carrying that baggage to four?

Attention was never going to be sufficient for a number two. We knew that. 

But to have him whining and making unreasonable demands at key moments was taking a toll. I felt really annoyed with how he always spoilt the moments.

Like when we celebrated Z’s 7th birthday party, he had to insist on getting his hands on the Pokémon cake topper. He cried his way through the birthday song and was not part of the group Phototaking.

Or like when Z’s team won the championship. He was sulky from a morning of baking under the sun. When I wanted to take ONE individual shot of Z with the trophy, after taking several with X in them, he went ballistic and cried no end.

Or when Z’s buddy celebrated his birthday and X did not want to stop playing, he also cried his way through the joyous occasion.

When he went through moments like that, he could not listen on the spot obviously. However, when I reviewed his behavior later on, he would apologize, admit his wrongdoing and promise never to do it again. The problem was he continued. 

All we could do was to constantly communicate and correct. Meanwhile, we had to bear with his poor behavior and I thought it was really unfair to Z. 

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