Rounding up March holidays

With 3 parties.
This was the first of three parties. Or should I say four parties. 

Z had received two invitations to birthday parties at the same venue over staggered and partially overlapped timings. 

When he first discovered the situation, he asked, “Mummy, what would you do if you were me?”

I had a ready answer in mind but I wanted him to solve. On one hand, it was hanging out with his soccer mates/buddies. On the other hand, it was with his classmates. It was a tough call.

I could have made it easier by suggesting what to do but I thought he should learn how to solve problems. Eventually, he told me to formally decline one of the invitations. However, on the actual day when he met both groups, he was visibly conflicted. It was a good problem so he decided to spend some time with both groups and seemed very happy with the decision. 


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