March holiday trip

We typically would not plan for a holiday in March because it was a peak work season for me. Plus, we usually would have maxed out my annual leave with trips in June and Dec.

However, Z’s school would close a day earlier so that created a good opportunity for Z’s soccer academy to organize a friendly tournament in Malacca.

This was the first time we joined. 

A few of us formed a convoy and drove up. It was a lot of fun for the adults and kids. We set off early in the morning to avoid the AYE peak hour jam and sailed through the customs.

We had breakfast in JB before driving up the expressway. It was 1145am when we finally got to Malacca and checked into Hatten Hotel. It was followed by fervent shopping at Sportsdirect which was on second floor of Hatten Square. 

We had lunch at Daore Korean restaurant till 3pm. Only then did we return to rest in the room and head out to Jonker Street.

Ding ding sweet 

Shopping around Jonker street 

We bought some random toys and straw hats to brace ourselves for the scorching heat the next day.

We wrapped up the day with dinner at Teo Soon Loong restaurant. It was like the place to eat because we bumped into several familiar faces there. 

Braised duck

Superb suckling pig (preordered)

Though we were all dead tired from the long day, we trudged onto Giant Supermarket at Makota Parade to buy fruits, drinks and snacks for the next day.

We had to wake up by 630am for breakfast so that we could be at the stadium by 8am.

We were lucky that the weather was breezy and not as hot as the year before. 

In the midst of a match 

By 1pm, most matches were completed, except for the finals and daddies’ match. Z’s group went into sudden death situation so it was a nail biting experience for the boys and parents!

Eventually, his team won!

With the team trophy 

It was nearly 3pm when we got back to the hotel feeling all hot, sticky, hungry and tired. We had tea break at Tim Ho Wan, brought Z to Toysrus before going to the pool. 

The kids had a blast at the pool and at each other’s rooms. 

The committee had organized an awards night in the hotel ballroom so that meant more play for the kids.

When dinner ended, we headed up to the Sky Bar for more drinks. 

View from the Sky Bar

The kids were struggling to stay awake past 11pm. We had to call it a night as we were returning to Singapore the next morning.

We left early because we had to rush back for Z’s class. The poor boy was so sad about missing out on the fun that he sobbed when we turned out of the hotel.

That definitely summed up a memorable holiday for the kids. 

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