At 4 years and 2 months’ old 

X talks a lot like a little adult. 

In fact, he talks so much that he nags Z and gets into arguments with Z half the time.

His responses are so adult-like that they tickle us pink. 

For instance, we remind him to stick close to his teachers for an excursion. His reply, “Of course, I am going to follow my teacher. Of course!”

He picks me up from a company dinner and goes appreciatively, “This hotel is really nice. I like it very much.”

He comes back from soccer class and comments sadly, “I try to score a goal but I cannot. My teammates keep taking the ball away from me.” He’s almost the youngest in the team so it’s not hard for older boys to dribble the ball away from him.

Z’s team won a soccer match. X went, “Did Team A win? Lucky kor kor is in team A, not team B because team B never win.”

A younger child snatched his pack of gummies. X got very angry and wanted to snatch back. After much persuasion, he sulked unhappily and harped on how rude the toddler was. I reminded him that he was older than the toddler and should learn to give in. I recapped how other older brothers used to give in to him and thus, he liked them so much. It was time to pay it forward and be sweet to other younger children, and in due time, they would like him too. Otherwise, the younger children would like other older boys, but not him. X frowned so unhappily that he snapped, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He has matured so much in the last 2 months and talks so much sense. Whether he’s reasonable or not is another case. It just strikes me that he’s no longer a baby but still filling our lives with much laughter. 


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