Wrapping up the last weekend of Feb

It had started with our wedding anniversary. After lunch, we picked the boys up early. Although it was a day to celebrate us, we really wanted to spend it with the boys too.

We brought them up onto Singapore Flyer and for Duck Tours. These were fairly touristy stuffs which we probably would never do in Singapore if the boys hadn’t hanker for these experiences. We had gone on the London Eye, cruised down River Seine but never brought the kids to the local attractions.

They seemed to enjoy and appreciate our gesture. 

Hence, they were on pretty good behavior for dinner. We made reservations at a few restaurants because we could not quite decide where to go with the 2 lightbulbs. In the end, we settled on The Line at Shangri La. The boys loved buffet because it was so fun for them! It was also meaningful since we got married at the same hotel too. 

They had so much seafood and ice cream! They did get a little hyper from the ice cream but it was a good dinner nonetheless. It may not romantic but it was perfect to spend together as a family.

By Saturday, apart from the usual lessons, it was also a day of celebration. There was a wedding lunch and a First Year birthday party. It was definitely a long day but that did not stop the boys from having more fun at our neighbour’s place. 

We began Sunday with grocery shopping. I replenished almost $400 worth of groceries. We actually ran out of full cream milk! I also restocked on Milo because each carton cost $11.35 for every $25 purchase made.

We had a prata lunch, rested and headed to East Coast Park to cycle. The skies looked threatening every now and then but I was thankful that the weather held up! Z was keen to try out the skate park so we decided that we would come by after his malacca tournament. 

Or maybe not. 

The opportunity costs of getting injured at the skate park were pretty high. We shall see!


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