Worser end of the stick

One of my MBA ex-classmates shared this about how life was generally unfair for women. To a large extent, it was pretty true.

I recalled deciding that career was more important and wanting to have children later. Of course, Mr H convinced me otherwise and I ended up juggling a full plate of work, postgraduate studies and a child at the same time. Right after completing my MBA, while some of my schoolmates went on to more exciting career, I took a more muted path happily. 

It took a long time and talks with many people before I found the equilibrium of being a guilt-free mommy. Of course, the constant documentation in this space served to remind myself of the many wonderful things, visits and trips I had done for my family. 

I did not think we are asking to be understood, empathized or praised. Just fewer judgments and a sweet spouse would be good. No tantrums from the kids, big or small, would be a bonus. 


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