Pushing one’s limits 

One morning, a friend sent a brain teaser riddle. That broke the monotony of the morning as we set to see who could solve the math problem quickly and accurately. Then we started talking about our studying days.

I had hoped that Z would be able to take up higher chinese in the following year. In fact, I had been dousing him with the higher Chinese assessment books though he was taking mainstream Chinese.

I recalled how passionate my Chinese teacher was, and from there, I recalled how we used to participate in different contests to make our teacher happy and proud. I commented to Mr H that on hind sight, we were really eager to please and fighting to do more and better than each other.

Even at JC, we were even looking at ways to do S papers, despite S papers being really tough and tedious. 

I just wondered how on earth we got to that point and how I could make Z and X get to that without getting all stressed. 

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